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Whether you need to set up electric utilities for the first time, or just want to lower your light bill, Quick Electricity can save you money, energy and time. We offer a variety of Texas electricity plans to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Same Day Connection

In a rush? Texas utility providers work fast to turn your power on the same day, sometimes within an hour. Call us to make sure you get connected today.

After Hours? Set up your electric utilities online and you’ll have lights the next business day.

No Credit Check and No Deposit Required

Bad credit is no problem at Quick Electricity. Sign up with $40, cash or credit. No electricity deposit needed.

Sign up for Prepaid Electricity

Only $40 down, then Pay As You Go. No Credit Required.

Quick Prepaid Electricity

Lights on Today for Only $40

Prepaid electric works just like any other pay as you go product. Make a low first time payment to activate your account and add money as needed. We send daily emails and text messages to remind you.

No Credit Check Required

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Texas Electricity Plans

6, 12, 24, 30 Month Contracts for Your House or Apartment

Thanks to deregulated energy in Texas, you have the power to choose your provider, kWh rate and contract terms. Our long term contracts feature cheaper, fixed rates, flexible billing and 100% renewable energy.

Lock in the same kWh rate for up to 3 years or go pay as you go

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Power Your Business with Quick Electricity

Low Commercial Energy Rates in Texas

Ready to open up shop? Choosing a business energy plan can be tricky no matter the size of your company. Quick Electricity can help you to find the lowest business energy rates with the most perks.

Prepaid Business Electricity

Soon, small business owners will benefit from the ease and convenience of paying ahead for electric utilities.

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Quick Electricity Deals

Quick Electricity has the latest promotions from top rated energy companies in Texas. Choose from free electricity nights and weekends, discounted military rates and 100% renewable energy. Learn More.

Quick Electricity Texas Service Area

The Quick Electricity service area covers over 400 towns in Texas including Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, Waco and the Rio Grande Valley.

Check out our coverage map for a complete list of deregulated cities or give us a call to get a low electric rate. We’re here to help!

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